My idea about Mollyrosenhoney started in 2016. I was inspired my Odd Molly clothing, healthy recipes and beautiful places to visit and wanted to write a blog about these topics.

I made my blog in a cosy and pink design and I was so happy to have brought this blog to the world. After some years I had a break with my blogging-work, and again in 2020 I build up the Mollyrosenhoney again just as it was from the start.

I discovered Printful in 2021 and started to design printondemand products with print with my own art. 

Especially the Totebags and the Pillows with my own artprint started to be popular.

I worked with my design everytime I needed a break and needed to relax after a busy day, and it began to be my passion

In 2022 I began to design products in happy colours with beautiful and colour-ful patterns.

Happy clothing with good energy!

I love to share this happy colours and designs, my artprint and my blog-news with you.

I hope that you will have a nice time here at the webshop and that you will get new inspiration.

Enjoy :)



A Mommy,Grandmother and a Working Woman living on a farm in Denmark sharing my passion about the Art,  the designs, the happiness and the good news about my recipes and wonderful places at Mollyrosenhoney.dk